Paul & Lillian Petri were both born in 1877. Paul was a tenor who studied voice in New York City before traveling to Europe to continue his musical training under eminent teachers in London and Berlin. Lillian Jeffreys Petri was an accomplished pianist who studied and taught piano in New York, Berlin, and London.  Professor and Mrs. Petri were beloved music teachers, respected by their students throughout Oregon. Although the Petris have long since passed, their musical influence continues today. The Petris bequeathed their estate to the Benton Community Foundation (BCF) in Corvallis, Oregon to help talented young musicians continue their study of music.

BCF awards a scholarship from the Lillian & Paul Petri Music Study Fund every two years to a talented young musician. Applicants must be a resident of Oregon or an Oregon high school graduate and desire to pursue a musical career. The scholarship provides $8,000 for a winner toward advanced study within the United States or abroad for the 2 years following the award. The determination of whom shall be granted a scholarship from the Lillian & Paul Petri Music Study Fund is made on the basis of a musical performance competition judged by notable professionals in the field. The finalists who are not awarded scholarship will receive $500 travel grant. BCF partners with Oregon Music Teachers Association (OMTA) to plan and facilitate the competition.


The 2019 Competition

The competition is open for all instruments and voice.

Up to six finalists will be selected from the pool of applicants. Finalists will perform at the Petri Competition at Portland State University on June 23, Sunday, 2019. The competition will be open to the public and a panel of judges will select the award recipient. The decision of the judges is final. The winner be required to give a solo recital of 70-80 min in Oregon in 2019-2020. Details will be given after the competition.


Applicants must be a resident of Oregon or an Oregon high school graduate, and desire to pursue a musical career. Applicants who are currently attending school outside of Oregon may fulfill the residency requirement by submitting proof of graduation from High School in Oregon. Applicants must be 21 to 35 years of age at the time of the award.

Application Requirements

To be considered for the Petri Scholarship, please submit the following on or before May 31, Friday, 2019:

Dr. Julia Hwakyu Lee

School of Music, College of the Arts
Portland State University
PO Box 751
Portland, OR 97207-0751

  • A completed on-line application form.
  • A cover letter. Briefly explain your plans for music study and how you will use the scholarship award. Describe your goals for your music career and what affect this award will have on your career and professional life.
  • Biography of the applicant in MS Word format (not to exceed 150 words). Include past participation in competitions, festivals and other public events. Portrait photo in electronic format, to be used for the Competition brochure printing. Biography and photo should be e-mailed to info@petrischolarship.org
  • Repertoire list. Include all of the pieces you will perform at the competition with the timing for each piece notated. Repertoire should reflect the musical and technical demands of a formal recital, 30–45 minutes in length, and cover a variety of historical styles and genres. No changes in repertoire are allowed following submission of the application. Only for piano and voice, detailed repertoire requirements are listed below.
  • YouTube (or other video sharing sites) link to the video recordings or a DVD of the performance (no need to mail a DVD if a YouTube link is provided in the Application Form).
  • Proof of Oregon residence. Submit a photocopy of a current Oregon driver’s license and proof of an Oregon address for the past 12 months. Out of state students studying in Oregon should submit a photocopy of student ID, along with current college transcripts. Students who grew up in Oregon, but who are attending school elsewhere, should submit a copy of final transcripts or a diploma from an accredited Oregon high school or a GED issued by the State of Oregon.
  • Applicants should submit a completed application form and all materials along with a $35 non-refundable fee. Make check payable to OMTA (Oregon Music Teachers Association).

Competition Rules

  • Decisions of competition judges are final.
  • A winner may not enter again.
  • Competition performances are open to the public. Competition rehearsals are closed to the public.
  • The assigned rehearsal and performance times are final and cannot be changed.
  • You must provide your own accompanist, if one is needed.
  • Recorded accompaniments are not permitted. Works written using supplemental sounds, including those either electronically or acoustically produced or pre-recorded, are not permitted.

Competition Procedure

  • Contestants must perform from memory. No repeats. Music for the ensembles does not have to be memorized.
  • Programmed music may exceed maximum time limit.
  • Performance will be stopped when the maximum time is reached. (This will not affect results)
  • The performer chooses the first selection; judges determine the remaining order of performance.

Repertoire Requirements


  • Solo repertoire from at least two different  periods of music (baroque, classical, romantic, impressionistic, contemporary).  Transcriptions are allowed.
  • Concerto performances are not permitted for piano.
  • Compositions for prepared piano are not permitted.
  • Individual movements of suites, sonatas or other groupings that can be performed as musical units are permitted.


  • The program [a minimum of eight (8) selections] must contain repertoire in the original language from each of the following categories: (include the name of any identifying work from which a song is taken).
  • Two (2) arias from opera or oratorio repertoire, sung in the original key
  • German Lied
  • French Mélodie
  • Art song in English written after 1900.
  • At least three (3) additional song(s) or aria(s) of the entrant’s choice in the original language.


Judges will be announced soon…

"I feel I took a ‘giant step’ toward becoming truly educated during that year as recipient of the Petri Award."

Miss Edith Kilbuck

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